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Anthony Dillon awarded McGregor Fellowship

The Centre for Independent Studies has made Dr Anthony Dillon a McGregor Fellow in recognition of his commitment to Indigenous advancement.

The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) has awarded a McGregor Fellowship to Dr Anthony Dillon at a ceremony at the Gold Coast on Thursday 28 July.

Dr Anthony Dillon, from Australian Catholic University’s Institute for Positive Psychology and Education (IPPE), is known for his research, opinions and commentary on Aboriginal affairs at conferences, community events, and through the media.

The McGregor award was established to recognise individuals whose ideas and work have contributed to the betterment of our society and underpin the values for which CIS was established including a strong civil society, individual liberty, personal responsibility, education, tolerance, property rights and free and open markets.

The awards are presented at the CIS annual conference Consilium and are named for the late former chairman of CIS, Alan McGregor AO.

CIS Executive Director Greg Lindsay said: “Anthony Dillon has been chosen to join those many Australian and New Zealanders to receive an Alan McGregor Fellowship award because of his commitment to Indigenous advancement and willingness to challenge the orthodoxies which he believes may be hindering that objective.

“This has often made him unpopular and the occasional enemy.  He has held his ground and now is regularly being seen as being correct. More strength to him.”

Dr Dillon said he was passionate about the need to improve the lives of Aboriginal people by promoting understanding, knowledge and acceptance among all Australians.

“Aboriginal affairs is everyone’s business, and Aboriginal people are people first, Aboriginal second.”

He said was delighted to be included in the company of previous Fellows such as ACU Vice-Chancellor Professor Greg Craven, whose work embodied a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and advocacy for social justice.

Bill Leak, cartoonist with the Australian newspaper, was the other recipient of the two 2016 McGregor Fellowships awarded.

IPPE Director Professor Rhonda Craven said, “Dr Dillon’s research and astute commentary provide a voice of reason in the new Aboriginal worId of success as it contends with the old rhetoric of failure, and shows that one person can make a difference.

“I am delighted that Dr Dillon’s contributions to our national debate on issues of fundamental importance to Australia have been recognised by the McGregor Fellowship. I also extend my congratulations to Mr Bill Leak who has made an enormous contribution to educating Australians about issues that matter, penetrating below the surface.”

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