ACU Research

Promoting a healthier Australia through healthy brains

The Healthy Brain Initiative (HBI) is a newly funded national program aimed at addressing key gaps in our understanding of how modifiable risk factors affect the brain health of the Australian population. Our team of experts aim to identify clusters of lifestyle, clinical and socioeconomic factors that promote brain health at different stages over the lifespan.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is for Australians to maintain lifelong healthy brain ageing. Our mission is to investigate Australia’s brain ageing and take a snapshot of our current brain health.

Get involved

We are open to all Australian adults. There are no exclusion criteria.

We invite people to take part in the initial component of testing: the online Australian Brain Health Registry questionnaire and cognitive testing. From this pool of Australian adults, a sub-cohort of younger and older adults will be contacted and invited to undergo a face-to-face component.

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