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  • Professor Cassandra Szoeke

    Professor Cassandra Szoeke

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Cognition and Vascular Health

    Professor Cassandra Szoeke brings together high-level management and communication skills with scientific expertise.

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  • Professor John Hopper

    Professor John Hopper

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Epidemiology

    Professor John Hopper, AM, was one of the nine inaugural Australia Fellows awarded by NHMRC in 2007 and is currently a NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow.

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  • Michael W Weiner, MD

    Michael W Weiner, MD

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Cognition, Neurology and Dementia

    Dr Michael Weiner has been undertaking research for almost 50 years and is the principal investigator of the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative…

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  • Professor Sandra Jones

    Professor Sandra Jones

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Community Engagement

    Professor Sandra Jones is the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Engagement at ACU. Her role provides leadership, advice and support for ACU’s community engagement strategy…

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  • Professor Ron Petersen

    Professor Ron Petersen

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Dementia

    Dr Ronald C. Petersen graduated from Hamline University, received a PhD in experimental psychology from the University of Minnesota and graduated from Mayo Medical School in 1980.

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  • Professor Sandra Middleton

    Professor Sandra Middleton

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Nursing, Vascular Health

    Professor Sandy Middleton is Professor of Nursing and Director of the Nursing Research Institute, St Vincent’s Health Australia (Sydney) and ACU.

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  • Professor John Gleeson

    Professor John Gleeson

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Mental Health

    Professor John Gleeson is a clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of clinical experience. He was appointed to the role of Professor of Psychology at ACU in 2011.

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  • Professor Peter Rendell

    Professor Peter Rendell

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Cognition and Emotion

    Director of the Cognition and Emotion Research Centre, Professor Peter Rendell is a globally recognised leader in research involving cognitive ageing, particularly prospective memory…

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  • Professor Barbara Riegel

    Professor Barbara Riegel

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Heart and Brain

    Professor Barbara Riegel is the Edith Clemmer Steinbright Professor of Gerontology at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing and Co-editor of the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.

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  • Professor Michael McClung

    Professor Michael McClung

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Frailty and Muscular Health

    Dr Michael McClung is the founding director of the Oregon Osteoporosis Center.

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  • Professor Tiny Jaarsma

    Professor Tiny Jaarsma

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Heart and Brain

    Professor Tiny Jaarsma (RN NFESC FAHA FAAN) is a Professor in Caring Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Linköping, Sweden.

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  • Professor Derek Jones

    Professor Derek Jones

    Chief Investigator of HBI: Imaging

    Professor Derek Jones is Director of the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) in Wales, UK, and holds a part-time appointment at Australian Catholic University (ACU).

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  • Associate Professor Gill Terrett

    Associate Professor Gill Terrett

    Associate Investigator of HBI: Psychology

    Professor Gill Terrett started her career as an educational psychologist, which has influenced her research to this day.

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  • Dr Karen Caeyenberghs

    Dr Karen Caeyenberghs

    Associate Investigator of HBI: Imaging

    Following completion of a masters degree in psychology in 2005 at KU Leuven, Dr Caeyenberghs completed her PhD in biomedical sciences in 2010 under supervision of Professor S.P. Swinnen.

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  • Dr Penny Hartmann

    Dr Penny Hartmann

    Early Career Researcher of HBI: Neuropsychology

    Dr Penny Hartmann is an early-career research fellow and coordinator of the Healthy Brain Initiative.

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  • Dr Alexandra Gorelik

    Dr Alexandra Gorelik

    Early Career Researcher of HBI: Biostatistics

    Dr Gorelik is a biostatistician and research methodologist with more than 12 years’ experience in clinical, epidemiological and health services research, health data analytics and business intelligence.

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  • Dr Izelle Labuschagne

    Dr Izelle Labuschagne

    Early Career Researcher of HBI: Neuroscience

    Dr Izelle Labuschagne is a clinical neuroscientist and a research fellow in the Cognition and Emotion Research Centre within the School of Psychology at ACU in Melbourne.

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  • Edward Hill

    Edward Hill

    PhD student

    Edward Hill is a PhD student investigating the preventative potential of diet/nutrition in Alzheimer’s disease neuropathology.

  • Samantha Elder

    Samantha Elder

    Masters/PhD student

    Samantha Elder is a combined Master of Psychology and PhD student investigating the longitudinal association between experiences of domestic violence and multimorbidity.

  • Trisha D’Lima

    Trisha D’Lima

    Masters of Psychology student

    Trisha D’Lima is a Master of Psychology student investigating the impact of physical activity performed in midlife on later-life cognitive outcomes.

  • Emma Flynn

    Emma Flynn

    Masters of Psychology Student

    Emma Flynn is a Master of Psychology student investigating the impact of midlife physical activity on later-life depression.