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Reporting Coversheets

Refer to the Research Collection Manual (PDF 400KB) for the definition of publication categories.


ACU By-lined Research Publications

Research publications produced while at ACU.

A1 Book
B1 Book Chapter
C1 Journal Article
E1 Conference Publication
J1 Original Creative Work
J2 Curated or Produced Substantial Public Exhibitions and Events
J3 Live Performance of Creative Works
J4 Recorded/Rendered Creative Work
J5 Research Reports for an External Body



Not ACU By-lined Research Publications

Research publications produced at Another Institution.

A1-N Book A1-N Template (PDF, 333KB)
B1-N Book Chapter B1 Template (PDF, 455KB)
C1-N Journal Article C1 Template (PDF, 200KB)
E1-N Conference Publication E1 Template (PDF, 390KB)
J5-N Research Reports for an External Body J5 Template (PDF, 200KB)



Scholarly Publication and Other Research Activities

University Collection only.

  • A2 Book – Authored other
  • A3 Book – Edited
  • B2 Book Chapter – OtherB3
  • C2 Journal Article – other refereed, scholarly
  • C3 Journal Article – non-refereed, scholarly, professional
  • E2 Conference Publication – full paper, non-refereed
  • G Government Report
  • K1 Editing of refereed journal
  • K2 Editing of non-refereed journal
  • P2 Postgraduate Supervision of HDR students at other Universities
  • R1 Other Externally Funded Research Projects (where ACU receives no funding)
  • R2 Internally Funded Research Projects
  • R3 Unfunded Research Projects


Other Forms


Ethics eForms

Please visit the Ethics page for detailed information on how to apply for ethics approval.