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Orion is used for tracking, processing and administering research activity at ACU.


Orion Upgrade

Orion will be shut-down from midday Friday 1 December to midday Thursday 7 December 2017 (ADT), to enable completion of a major upgrade.

Use of ResearchMaster for Windows will be ending at this time, and all functionality is being moved to Orion.

RexR will be available, but will only allow you to search for and read profiles. You will not be able to make changes to profiles or submit or review supervisor accreditation requests during this time.

ResReports will continue to be available during this time, but will show data as at Friday 1 December.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Download a helpful quick guide on the new Orion user interface  here (Orion Changes.docx, 217KB)

See a 5 minute video of the new Orion user infterface here.

Contact or Ext 3674 if you have any questions.


Grants and RAFs

During the shut-down period (1-7 December) :

Orion will be offline and any Research Approval Forms (RAFs) that are in-progress will not be accessible.

You will not be able to start a new RAF during the shut-down period.

If your submission date (ie the date the grant application is due at the funding body) falls within the period 1 – 7 December you should ensure the RAF is endorsed and submitted to the Research Office before the 1st Dec.

For questions regarding grants, please email or phone Ext 2530


Ethics Clearance

During the shut-down period (1-7 December) :

Ethics applications that are in-progress will not be accessible. If you have an existing Ethics application in draft you could take a PDF copy of the application form prior to 1 Dec and prepare your answers to the questions offline using Word etc. This information will need to be re-keyed into the new Orion system when it comes back online.

You will not be able to start a new ethics application during the shut-down period (1-7 December).

The Ethics secretariat will be unable to process any new applications, modifications etc.

For questions regarding ethics clearance, please email or phone Ext 2646

Graduate Research / HDR

Annual Progress Reports (APRs)

During the shut-down period (1-7 December) APRs cannot be accessed by any user (Student, Supervisor, ADR or Graduate Research Office).

When the new version of Orion comes online all APRs will be available again and the Research Office will run a report identifying any students whose APR is still in draft (or yet to be commenced) and an email reminder with instructions on accessing the APR will be sent to this cohort.

Candidature Variation Forms (CVFs)

During the shut-down period (1-7 December) CVFs will not be accessible.

Any CVFs that require processing will have to wait until Orion comes back online on 7 Dec.

It will not be possible to commence a new CVF during the shutdown period.

Research Expertise Register (RexR)

During the shut-down period (1-7 December) RexR will be read-only for all users.

For questions regarding HDRs, please email

Publications (Research Performance)

During the shut-down period (1-7 December) there will be no access to enter/edit publications information via either Orion or ResearchMaster for Windows.

  • More Information

    What is happening and why are we doing it

    In the first of week of December 2017 we will be applying a major upgrade to ACU’s research management system, ‘Orion’.

    The upgrade will put Orion on a more robust technology footing with a new database that is better structured to support improved reporting.

    There will also be an improved user interface that will provide enhanced usability and improve navigation into the various Orion modules and online forms.

    From a functionality point view the old ResearchMaster for Windows client will become obsolete and all modules will now be accessed via the Orion web portal.

    There will be new reports accessible from the Orion home screen to provide easier access to information about grants, research students, ethics applications, HDR students and research outputs.

    For ethics applications there will be improved Comments functionality making it easier to respond to questions on Ethics eForms.



    The upgrade process will run from midday Fri 1 December until midday Thur 7 December (ADT). This length of time is required because the upgrade process involves migrating all existing data from the old ResearchMaster and Orion systems into the new consolidated Orion portal.


    During the shut-down period there will be no access to Orion or the old ResearchMaster for Windows.


    Accessing the new system

    When the upgrade is complete, the new version of Orion will be accessed via the current Orion URL, so you do not need to replace your browser bookmark/favourite for it :    –  Use your normal ACU login details


    What will happen to my existing data?

    All data currently held in ResearchMaster/Orion will be migrated to the new system. If you have partially complete eForms in progress (eg Ethics applications, Research Approval Forms, HDR forms) when the upgrade commences, they will be available in the new system. Please download the document Orion changes.docx