ACU Research

Research Contracts

The Research Contracts Team located at the Office of DVC (Research) is responsible for all the University’s research contracts, including but not limited to, grant and non-grant research agreements, research student related agreements, variations and any relevant requests.

The Research Contracts Team assists with:

  • provision of appropriate agreement templates;
  • preparing, developing, reviewing and negotiating research contracts; responsible for liaison with the University Office of General Counsel, other internal stakeholders, as well as external stakeholders concerning any contract matters including processes;
  • execution of research contracts;
  • solutions of contract related issues;
  • enquiries as to whether a contract is essential for research activities involving external parties.


Contact details:

Manager, Research Contracts: Dr Lihong Kong (Tel:  02 9739 2105)
Email: or

Senior Research Contracts Officer: Cathy Mathews (Tel: 02 9465 9233)

Senior Research Contracts Officer: Catriona Thorpe (Tel: 02 9465 9187).