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Working together to map out the future success of Australian aged care

Aged Care Roadmap Roundtable Ken Wyatt2 croppedProfessor Marita McCabe, Director of the Institute for Health and Ageing at Australian Catholic University was invited to attend the Aged Care Roadmap Roundtable with The Minister for Aged Care, Ken Wyatt AM, MP.

Professor McCabe, along with about 80 aged care consumers and providers, met with Mr Wyatt in late February to consider the Government’s next steps in the reform of Australia’s $16 billion aged care sector.

The Aged Care Roadmap Roundtable provided a unique opportunity for Professor McCabe, other aged-care providers and NGOs working with older people to discuss how the Roadmap, drawn up by the Aged Care Sector Committee and released in April last year, is tracking to meeting the short, medium and longer-term goals aimed to make aged care consumer driven, market based and sustainable.

Professor McCabe has developed IHA’s Resident at the Centre of Care (RCC) Program which is a program to train staff in residential care on how to implement consumer directed care in their facility. She argues that with Australia’s ageing population – and in today’s world where customer-centric services are expected – it is more important than ever that aged care providers adopt a new approach for their business that both ensures high-quality, tailored services for its residents, and delivers a sustainable operating model that will meet the needs of its consumers for years to come.

The Resident at the Centre of Care (RCC) Program, which is being piloted in aged care facilities throughout NSW, VIC and QLD, will inform government on future consumer directed care implementation strategies, that aim to put aged care residents at the centre of care to improve quality of live and the standard of service provided to residents of aged care.

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