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Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

T: +612 9739 2943

North Sydney Campus (MacKillop)
8-20 Napier Street-Level 16 (532.16)
North Sydney NSW 2059

PO Box 968
North Sydney
NSW 2059

Professor Wayne McKenna
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

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Professor James McLaren
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)

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Rosalie Devcich
Executive Officer (Research)

T: +612 9739 2943

Debbie Cooper
Personal Assistant to the Pro Vice Chancellor (Research)

T: +612 9739 2293

Jeanine Parsons
Research Executive Advisor

T: +612 9739 2167

Natalie Precians
Research Executive Advisor

T: +612 9739 2168

  • Research Systems and Reporting
    • Tools to support the research enterprise
    • eResearch support to the academic community
    • system support and development for the research management system (Research Master) and Orion.
    • research data collection and provision of internal and external reports.
    • works with other University system areas to support data integration.

    For  your research systems queries
    +613 9953 3674

    For all your research reporting queries
    T +613 9953 3838

    Rod Lewis
    Senior Manager, Systems and Reporting
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    Michael Murphy
    Research Reporting Manager
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    Matt Dixon
    Research Systems Officer
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    Tanya Howard
    Administrative Officer (Research Data Entry)
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    John Montalto
    Senior Research Systems Officer
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    Angelique Perrin
    Research Reporting Analyst
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    Dian Utami
    Research Systems and Reporting Coordinator
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  • Research Grants and Contracts

    Responsible for:

    • pre- and post-award external research grants administration
    • external grants that satisfy the Higher Education Research Data Collection research definition
    • research contracts development and administration

    For all your research grants queries
    T +612 9739 2530

    Heidi Worsley
    Manager, Research Grants (Acting)
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    Jessica Gilbey
    Senior Research Grants Officer
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    Martin Kelly
    Senior Research Grants Officer
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    Julie Thorpe
    Research Grants Officer
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    For all your research contracts queries
    T +612 9739 2105

    Lihong Kong

    Research Contracts Manager
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  • Research Assessment

    Support for research engagement and impact, internal ACU grants and funding schemes, policies and URC:

    • ERA assessment and research engagement and impact
    • internal grants assistance
    • policies and procedures
    • University Research Committee

    For all your research assessment queries
    +612 9739 2218
    E (research engagement and impact) (ACURF inquiries and document submission)
    E (Other internal funding and software (SPSS) inquiries)

    Andrew Schrader
    Senior Manager, Research Assessment
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  • Research Ethics

    Central point for advice on ethical and governance issues. Supports and advises:

    • Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)
    • research academics
    • student researchers.

    For all your ethics queries
    T +612 9739 2646

    Nadia Crittenden
    Chair, Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)
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    Susanna Gorman
    Ethics Manager
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    Kylie Pashley
    Administrative Officer (Ethics)
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    Pratigya Pozniak
    Ethics Officer (part-time)
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  • Graduate Research

    Administers research higher degree candidature for:

    • prospective research candidates
    • enrolled research candidates

    For all your candidature queries please contact:

    Anne Cunningham
    Manager, Graduate Research
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    Stefania Riccardi
    Senior Project Officer
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    Chiara Condotta
    Senior Candidature Officer: Faculty of Education and Arts, and Faculty of Law and Business
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    Catherine Jones
    Project Officer
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    Samantha Jones
    Project Officer
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    Linda Gao
    Candidature Officer: Faculty of Health Sciences, and Faculty of Theology and Philosophy
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